TQC Goals and Principles

Queering Capitol art image, Carlo Baca

The Queercast is a project started back in 2013, first as an audio podcast and then later, as a Facebook page with posts on queer news and current events.  The main purpose of this project is to showcase diverse queer stories and perspectives, particularly those that deal with the intersections of race, class, gender, medical status and sexual orientation.  We seek to demonstrate the value and intelligence within oppressed communities that mainstream society seems to continually overlook, if not outright ignore.  We also hope to increase discussion around specific issues within advocacy circles and the LGBTQ movement, such as:

  • The need for resources to be funneled into the local and regional levels and towards at-risk communities in immediate need of life-saving help and services.
  • The hoarding of knowledge within the ivory tower of academia and the need for that research and knowledge to be made available to local communities and within advocacy circles.
  • The failure of mainstream queer organizations to increase diversity within their organization and leadership and address the needs of queer communities of color and other marginalized communities.
  • The recognition that we have a white privilege problem within the LGBTQ community and advocacy and within society as a whole.
  • Finally, the recognition that the stories and perspectives of oppressed communities need to be self-told and not filtered through the voices of people with privilege.

We also recognize the importance of addressing issues “identified as top priorities” in studies like Equity Action’s ‘Meet the Neighbors‘ survey for RI-LGTBTQ communities which include:

  1. Ensuring safe schools and youth services
  2. Advocating for Civil Rights and protections
  3. Expanding access to welcoming health care
  4. Recognizing the needs of elders
  5. Supporting families
  6. Building Community cohesiveness
  7. Addressing diversity within the communities
  8. Increasing awareness and visibility of communities
  9. Creating a community resource center
  10. Sustaining HIV services

Overall we strive for this project to be an alternative media source focused on increasing the visibility of local, oppressed communities since mainstream media coverage is still lacking and problematic.  

If you live in Southern New England and you’d like to get involved with The Queercast, have topics or story ideas that you’d like to see us cover, or have your own story that you’d like to promote through multimedia, then please contact us by email or use our submission form.  We want to help with these creations.

In the meantime, please enjoy our new website and get involved by commenting on our look and on our posts.  We appreciate your support!

For a look at past episodes of The Queercast audio podcast, check out Soundcloud.  They are available for streaming or download.